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When it comes to branding, we mean business.

But first, who are we?

Daliko Services Limited is a DESIGN, BRANDING, SIGNAGE and PRINTING company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

From its very inception, Daliko Services Limited set out to provide its customers with excellence in its services.

This quality standard became the vehicle for its growth and is still the guiding principle that motivates it’s leadership and its people.

Our main office at Raja Building, on Biashara Street, is readily available to serve our clients and others.

Our equipment for the pre-production and production processes are gradually being renewed and the modern technology and the modern technology used in our designing and CTP processes are comparable with the best in the country. We have able staff at the helm of this organization, which expects to be a significant player in their industry and have commited ourselves to playing our role in supporting Kenya’s endeavor to achieve Vision 2030.

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"Daliko Services is always on time and on point. We don't have too many backs-and forth when working on a project with them. I's definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality and time-saving branding services."
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